Our services


Our base is at Stjärnklara Gård in Kungsbacka, Sweden and we usually drive about 200 km one way for one day training. If you live further away than that, contact us and we can discuss other alternatives. It is possible to book us individually or both for a joint course. All prices include VAT. For all training at your home, a travel allowance of SEK 4 SEK/km will be added.


At the bottom of the page you will find frequently asked questions and answers.



Booking conditions


Since not only we but also all other customers who booked the same day are affected by cancellation, we charge half the fee if canceled less than a week before, and the entire fee if canceled less than a day before. This also applies in the event of illness/injury to a horse or human. For clinics, cancellation applies no later than one month in advance, after which half the fee will be charged. Week students can cancel up to three weeks before the booked date, after which the full fee will be charged (booking fee of half the cost paid upon booking will not be refunded).


Payment information can be found under Contact.



Private lessons


During private lessons, there is full focus on you and your horse - this is suitable for both completely new students and more experienced. We are observant of your wishes and try as much as possible to set up the lesson according to your needs.


Single private lesson: 500 SEK/45 min

Two or more lessons in the same place: 450 SEK/40 min

30 min lesson: 350 SEK


Lesson at our home in Frillesås: 400 SEK/45 min and 700 SEK/90 min



Lessons with a borrowed horse


Norah offers lessons in horse communication, liberty dressage and groundwork/lunging with her lusitano gelding Jaquetão. No previous knowledge required, we start from page one and work our way up.


Joakim offers dressage lessons with his P.R.E stallion Absalon for those with basic riding skills. The focus is riding with the seat and the lessons are adapted to your level.


It is also possible to come as a week student for intensive training, with lessons for one or both of us. Accommodation is available to book on the farm, see info below.


Single private lesson: 750 SEK/40 min





Gather a bunch and immerse yourself in any topic! A clinic consists of a minimum of four and a maximum of six equipages. The day starts with 30 minute private lessons, where the focus is on identifying the equipage's individual needs, goals and the way there. Around lunch, there is the opportunity to ask questions, discuss and evaluate. In the afternoon we continue with private lessons, to consolidate what we learned in the morning or move on to the next step.


One-day clinic: 4800 SEK for four equipages, then 1000 SEK per extra equipage

Two-day clinic: 8800 SEK for four equipages, then 2000 SEK per extra equipage

Price spectator: 100 SEK/day



Week student


Do you want to get a proper push in your training and get away from everyday life for a while? Then coming as a week student is the right option for you. We welcome students for everything from one night to a working week, but the standard is arrival Sunday evening and departure Friday em (training Monday-Friday). Two approximately 30-minute lessons per day as well as a box and paddock for the horse are included in the price. Feeding, bringing the horse in and out of the paddock, mucking out etc. not included. Bring your own feed and water bucket. The teaching takes place on an illuminated outdoor arena.


Sunday-Friday: 5000 SEK

Short week: 1000 SEK/day


An extra horse can be brought at a cost of 550 SEK/day and that includes box + paddock and an extra lesson per day.

Extra lessons can be purchased for 400 SEK.


If you do not have your own horse, you can borrow from us. You can then choose to focus on riding (for Joakim) or ground work (for Norah) or take a lesson a day from both of us. See more info above.


After your booking has been confirmed, you will receive an invoice for half the fee. Once this is paid, your booking is secured. The remaining cost is paid no later than three weeks before your booked date. In case of cancellation, the booking fee will not be refunded, but you are welcome to sell your place to someone else.



Accommodation at Stjärnklara Gård


Booking accommodation here on the farm is the best way to maximize your experience as a week student. You are close to your horse and the view from the house - our hilly horse paddocks - is idyllic. The house is located right next to the arena with parking right outside the front door. Indoors there are two bedrooms with two beds in each (bring your own sheets). There is also a kitchenette with fridge, freezer, stove and oven, coffee corner, dining table and bathroom with shower and toilet.


Bed: 300 SEK/night
Bedroom: 500 SEK/night (to avoid sharing rooms)



Horse in training


Depending on time and space, we accept horses for training. At least a month, preferably longer to achieve a good result and not having to rush. We can help with problem solving, further education, liberty dressage, trick training, etc. The horse owner is of course welcome to participate as much as possible, one lesson a month is included (but does not need to be used) and more lessons can be purchased for a reduced price during the horse's period here.


The horse gets its own shed with bedding area and grass paddock. The shed is divided into three sections and the horses can sniff each other through bars. Since we have a stallion, we mainly accept geldings, but stallions and mares may be possible by appointment.


Training horse: 3250 SEK/week



Jousting shows and events


Joakim, individually or together with the show group Equites Gloriae, offers jousting shows, demonstrations and lectures with great focus on historical accuracy as well as an entertaining moment for the entire family. The gear is mainly based on the 14th century.


Joakim has many years of experience within entertainment (acting, musicals, live performances, moderating, historical shows etc) as well as educating (teaching history to coming teachers, developing educational plans for children etc) and always aim to tailor his services to the organiser's needs.



Fencing lessons


Joakim offers fencing lessons at Stjärnklara Gård in Frillesås. He teaches fencing with one-handed sword, sword and buckler and longsword. Everyone from beginners to more experienced fencers is welcome. There is one set of waster + fencing mask to borrow, but it is desirable that students bring their own gear.


Private lessons: 300 SEK

Group lessons (2 or more): 250 SEK per person





May I come and watch the daily activity on the farm?

By appointment, you are to come and watch the training and lessons. Please note that we have lessons out in other stables many days, so it is important to check before you come.


I will come to you as a student. What do I do when I arrive?

Parking is signposted and is on the gravel court in front of the guest house. You are welcome to unload your horse when you arrive, and if the arena is free, you can go in there. If you are coming as a week student for the first time, contact us and we will meet up and show you the way to stables and paddocks.


What time should I arrive?

If you are coming for a simple private lesson, you just need to arrive so that you have time to unload your horse and be ready for your lesson time. If you have booked a lesson with one of our horses, it is enough that you are here when your lesson time starts. If you are coming as a week student, you are welcome the evening before your booking between 17-19 or by appointment. If you want to come the same day as your teaching begins, you need to be here no later than 10 o'clock.


What equipment do I need for my horse?

We usually recommend that you bring the equipment you are used to and feel comfortable with. For liberty dressage/trick training/problem solving, an ordinary stable halter or rope halter is good, a lead rope of the slightly longer kind (approx. 3-4 meters) and possibly the cookie jar.


Can I bring my dog ​​to your farm?

Female and neutered male dogs are mostly welcome, but we ask you to respect the animals that live and roam freely here on the farm. Let the dog sit in the car until we agree on whether it is okay for it to come out.


Can my friend come along as a spectator?

Watching the lessons is open and free for spectators. If your friend wants to book a bed at the guesthouse, it is possible if there is space.


Where is the nearest store?

We live about 5 km from Frillesås where there is a Coop and pizza place. In Kungsbacka 2.5 km away there is a large selection of grocery stores and restaurants.


Do I need a riding hall to book a lesson at home?

We are happy to be outdoors as long as the weather allows. Please understand that we often have long days so one lesson in stormy weather is not the worst, but after a few hours you begin to feel it and it affects the teaching.