Shows & Events

I'm available for shows, demonstrations and lectures both individually, and together with my show group Equites Gloriae. I/we offer jousting shows with great focus on historical accuracy as well as an entertaining moment for the entire family. Our gear is mainly based on the 14th century.


I have many years of experience within entertainment (acting, musicals, live performances, moderating, historical shows etc) as well as educating (teaching history to coming teachers, developing educational plans for children etc) and always aim to tailor my service to the organiser's needs.


Contact me with your request and I'll get back to you with more information. I speak English, Danish, Swedish and German.

Jousts & Tournaments


With many years of experience as a guideline, I believe that the perfect show is a combination of entertainment and education - "Edutainment". To achieve this, it is important that the equipment, skills and quality of riding is at a high level, and the information is adapted to the entire family. I always take into consideration who I am performing for, to make the experience suitable.


I keep a close dialogue with the organiser to make sure the expectations are met in a desirable way, and I'm always ready to tailor a show for the organiser's need.



Through my studies of medieval horsemanship, I have gathered a wealth of knowledge on equestrian history. I am able to costumise a lecture on different topics, e.g. Medieval Horsemanship, the Old Riding Masters, Knightly Culture, etc.


I am passionate about transferring information in a pedagogical, interesting manner and aim to leave the listeners wanting to learn more. Length and content of the lecture can always be discussed.



It's a common myth that knightly horses were big, heavy drafts that could run very fast. In reality, there's more to it. Together with my highly schooled companion Absalon, I offer demonstrations on a medieval war horse's training. This includes dressage, desensitising training and exercises against other riders and/or foot soldiers.


During a demonstration, we tell the story of the knight's horse and it's abilities on the battlefield.